I came here for a dental exam and cleaning. I didn't have to wait very long. I brought a book to read with me, but I only read a few pages. First, I had some x-rays taken. The process was very quick. Second, I moved to a different room to see the dental hygienist, who was very thorough. I feel like my teeth are super clean! Then, the denist came to check my teeth and informed me that I had a small cavity. Boo! However, he was very accommodating and offered to fill it the same day, so I wouldn't have to make another appointment. He remembered that I was a student and I don't have a lot of free time on my hands. The filling was quick and painless! In addition, he informed me that I probably have to get my wisdom teeth removed. Double Boo! He recommended an oral surgeon by my house. Of course, I checked yelp and that dentist has a 5 star rating. I'm off to make my appointment for a consultation.

Megan L.

Very good local dentist. I was a dental coward for 9 years, and after chipping a tooth went here to get back on track. The Doc filled 8 cavities over 3 weeks. He works very quickly and listens to you when you say you can still feel pain. The hygenists are very good as well. I've had multiple cleanings, a whitening, and a crown placed, and all the work was of good quality. They handle thier paperwork well. Currently both my siblings use Dr. Bindiger, and my GF may use him as well. He doesnt use Laughing Gas, but with his work speed and his use of local anesthetic it isnt needed.

Matthew R.

Finally, a great dentist that participates with my insurance. Dr. Bindiger was both knowledgable and efficient. The office staff was nice and accomadating. The dental assistant was gentle and efficient as well. Came in for a check up and discovered the source of a crown issue. I mentioned that I wanted to address it asap and Dr. Bindiger was able to fit me in that very same afternoon by extending my appt. One thing that I have always disliked about my previous dentists was being overloaded with Novocain where I would go home trembling and numb for hours. Dr. Bindiger numbed me where I felt no pain yet I was back to normal by the end of the visit. The waiting area may seem a bit a bit out dated but the treatment rooms are clean, modern (digital x-rays and flat screen tvs) and comfy. Great office hours too!

Rocco C.


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